Used for Various electronic scales and electronic platform scales,Floor Scale ,Weighing Indicator
Can be connected with 1 ~ 4 sensor

Bridge power supply: DC5V, I ≤ 150mA

Weighing and counting function

6 0.8 inch LED display

Serial communication interface, adjustable rate

AC-DC dual-use, built-in 6V battery

Technical parameters:

A/D conversion mode: Approximation

A/D conversion rate: 100 times / sec

A/D conversion resolution: 1/1000000 (MAX)

Input signal range: 0 ~ 18MV

Input sensitivity: ≥ 1 μ V/e

Sensor bridge power supply: DC 8V, I ≤ 250mA

Connecting the sensor number: 16 700 Ω Sensor

Verification indexing number: 3000

Display indexing number: 50000 (MAX)
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