Stainless Steel Weighing Indicator Used for a variety of electronic platform scale, electronic platform scale


The main performance:

Delta 1 ~ 4 level digital filter with T3.0 version stability program make weighing fast and stable.

A/D conversion good consistency, replacing instrument without re calibration.

Can set 3 dividing the value of automatically switching display.

Delta has manual and automatic cumulative function cumulative.

Automatically detect the battery charge, with low voltage alarm function.

The main technical indicators

Input signal range: -39 ~ +39mV

A/D conversion: 24 Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital conversion

A/D sampling frequency: 38.400kHz

A nonlinear: ≤ 0.0015F. S.

Gain error drift: 1ppm/degree

A minimum resolution: 0.1 µ V/d

Display indexing number: ≤ 50000

A supply voltage: DC5V/150mA (which can take 10 only 350 Ω Sensor)

Display: 6 0.5 inch ultra bright LED display

A serial communication interface: RS-232C

Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600 optional

A printer: Can be equipped with thermal printer is connected to the GP-5850II serial interface

Working temperature: -10 to +75

Relative humidity: ≤ 90R. H Delta

A DC power supply: DC10 ~ 37V, built-in 6V/2.8Ah lead-acid battery (optional)

Delta power: 2W

Dimensions: 310 x 230 x 170mm

Weight: 2.2kg

Verification indexing number: 5000

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