weighing display controller(Aluminum Alloy Shell)
Application: Can be used for packing scales, proportion scales, screening scales, stabilization control devices for upper and lower limits control etc.
● Main Technical Index
△ Range of Input Signal:    -10~+35mV
△ A/D Conversion:        24-bit Sigma-Delta A/D Conversion
△ A/D Sampling Frequency: 38.400 kHz
△ Nonlinearity:           ≤0.0015% F.S.
△ Gain Error Drift:        0.5ppm/℃
△ Minimum Resolution:    0.1uV/d
△ Supply Voltage:         5V/200mA (can connect 16 sensors)
△ Operating Temperature:   -10~ +50℃
△ Storage Temperature:     -40~+85℃
△ Relative Humidity:       ≤90%R.H
△ Power Supply:           AC187~242V、49~51Hz
△ Perforate Dimension:      191×101(mm)
△ External Dimension:       208×110×162(mm)
● Main Performance
△ Filtering Progression Adjustment (Grade 1-4)
△ No re-scaling is needed during instrument changing
△ 16-channel On-off Input/ Output
△ Automatic Free Fall Compensation
△ 4~20mA Analog Output
△ RS232C and RS-485 (optional) Serial Communication Interface
△ Baud Rate 1200/2400/4800/9600 (optional)
△ Anti-static electricity design was adopted for all interfaces to avoid damage
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