ZA-H series micro analytical balance 0.001mg
 Millions of microbalances are used in the measurement of smaller weight objects, the range is 0 ~ 30g and 0-5.1g. Professional automatic calibration technology, temperature drift and time settings based on automatic built-in weight calibration and linear calibration; Infrared sensors, enabling hands-free weighing operation; Color interface with Chinese smart touch screen to achieve complete and convenient Balance operation
Product Highlights:
★ split independent display, 7-inch color smart touch screen
★ standard RS232 bidirectional communication port, USB interface, Ethernet interface, to achieve data and computer, printer or other communication between devices
★ basic weighing, the percentage of weighing, weighing weighing, weighing the target value, the cumulative weighing, weighing weighing, differential weighing peak maintenance, cost accounting, pipette calibration, SQC
★ external static eliminator
★ Comes with infrared sensors, sensing by gesture: to achieve the balance automatically switch the door, peeled, print and other functions

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